Monday, August 15, 2011

Make free websites with free unlimited domain and free host

you can create your own freeunlimited domain name withhosting for free?Meaning you can have your very own websites.
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Here's my complete tutorial
made easier for you Especiallynewbies
1. First Select which domain
name suits you. ( or Choose one)
or Just register and follow the simple steps provided.
2. Second Select your hosting Plan (Binhoster or Byethost. Choose one)
3. After you choose your
domain name and hosting plan. We need to setup the following.
*Domain Nameserver
Binhoster Nameserver:
Byethost Nameserver:
You need to setup this on your
domain provider. Ex. (
Login your account > Go to "My Domains"
(expand it) > List my
domains > Select your domain and Click
"Modify" > Select "Use Custom DNS
service" > Then apply the Nameserver that I was provided. It depends which hosting plan you choose. Login your account > Go to "Manage Domain"
> Then select your domain name > Click on
"Nameserver" > Then apply the Nameserver that I was provided.
Note: After you completed the Nameserver you need to wait
atleast 24hrs to complete the propagation process.
*Hosting Plan:
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Sub-domains
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited FTP
Almost unlimited.
5GB storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 domains
50 Sub-domains
50 Emails
50 FTP
4. Next after completing the
propagation process we will
now add our domain to hosting plan.
Byethost | Binhoster
Login to our hosting plan > Click "Addon
Domains" > Input the
"domain name" and password. then your password. > All done.
Note: If error occurs then
meaning the propagation
process is not yet done.
5. Congratulations! You have
now your FREE Domain Name
with Hosting Plan!
Very easy and no cost at all.
Optional: For those who are having their own Domain name like .com .net .org .info etc. You can also apply the nameserver if you want to minimize your
expenses regarding for your
hosting plan. Actually hosting
plan is also wasting money. But don't worry because the
Hosting plan that I was
provided is absolutely FREE of charge. Next is up to you what kind of content you will put in your sites.

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