Friday, August 12, 2011

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Adsense is a hybrid of google's webmaster advertising program called adwords.In a nutshell webmasters are paying google to promote their ads on google.Com. Everytime an ad gets clicked. Google deducts a pre-determined amount from their advertising budget.You can see these adwords ads by doing almost any search on google and the ads show up in the far right-hand side of the page. Now adsense is a program derived from adwords that allows publishers whose are other website and blog's owners to promote these adwords ads on their sites. Then google pays publishers, a certain percentage of what the adwords customers are paying google for those ads. Google will supply you a few lines of javascript code that must paste into the site. This is sawy technology google read page title,content and interpret the each page. So the ads show up site relevent to the topic on the pages. Google will never disclose how much you will eare per click but you can earn between $0.1 and $15.00 once you reach $100.00 google will send you check and you can even them direct deposit into your bank account. Atleast you have 100 unique visiters per day to earn money. People find websits by searching information in a search engine like google .Google only recommends sites that provide that information and other related sites. Recommended sites means 'ranks' .Create a blog or website as your own domain .Hostgator is a web host that makes wordpress blog on your domain. Make sure your site has clear theme/topic .Don't submit junkey site. Check your spelling and test your links. Don't put any "under construction" messages on your site. Google's tos (terms of service) state that they do not accept sites that appear to be under construction. The click-thru rate is the percentage of ad views divided by number of clicks.If you have 400 page displays and receive 40 clicks then your click-thru rate is 10% (40/400) x 100 use 'meta' tag for more relevant ads: meta tags are discriptors that go into the HTML of your pages. Your HTML code on every page right after the opening tag and before your tag. But here is basics that you must manage/update website yourself in order to maintain your traffic levels and keep your adsense revenue coming in. You do not want to rely on a 3rd party for the site updates. Do a google search for forums in your niche (topic+forums) and go where your target audience hangs out. Become a member of these forums and put a link to your site in your signature file.

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