Thursday, September 1, 2011

Transfer money to india safe, easy and fast

Remit2india: remit2india is secure online money transfer service for NRIs to send money to india from usa,uk,singapore,canada,hongkong,germany and other.This service allows NRIs to send money to india with safety method by wire transfer,check transfer,ACH/direct debit,credit cards etc. The money can be received in india through demand drafts,account credits,remittance cards etc. You can send money to any account with any bank in india including SBI,hdfc bank,ICICI bank etc. Remit2india is part of the times group and service is brought to you in association with citygroup.Reloadable remittance cards are like debit cards that are used for money transfer to india.This card can be perchased on the recipient's name in india from selected banks and then one can send money to india through their online remittance facility. Remit2india is the leading global online money transfer portal that enables you to track your remittance online. Remit2india is the leader in cross border remittances in india. Remit2india offers you a plethora of money transfer option to choose from. For instance you may choose to easily transfer money from any of your banks to the beneficiary's bank account or send demand draft to be couriered across to over 6000 locations in india

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